ceramic tiles and ceramic frescoes
Ceramic tiles
modes et déco
keramik, Töpferwaren
piastrelle ceramiche
Ceramic Tiles Decoration
French ceramic tiles
decorazione di ceramica
hand-painted coffee cups and plates
carrelage céramique, céramique murale
céramique France
ceramic fresco
animals ceramic
ceramic decoration
faïence décorative
modes et déco
France carrelage céramique
ceramic exhibition
tiles tendency, Innovative ceramic
Carreaux céramique France
hand painted ceramics
decorative ceramics
affreschi di ceramica
ceramic exhibition
Tendance déco
study and realization ceramic frescoes
بلاط السيراميك
ceramic design
wall ceramic frescoes
décoration céramique
luxury ceramics

Ceramic wall interior and exterior

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For a new trendy deco of  bathrooms and kitchen walls, the designer creates earthenware tiles voluntarily positioned outside the classicism of the usual creations existing in the ceramic sector. His goal : allow anybody to have a totally different decoration of what can be usually found in the wall decoration field and to have innovative and fully personalized walls. He contributes in this way to renew the kind of tiles proposed for home decoration.

The ornementation he proposes, invites in a musing stroll and in a visual and interior journey thanks to a choice of  tiles thought as miniaturized pictorial works on themes which are most of the time unforeseen in the ceramic field. In the artist's mind, these tiles must arouse the interest and contribute to the realization of walls generating curiosity and satisfaction everytime one looks at them. they must avoid a kind of cohabitation with "tasteless" walls and restore the pleasure to look at them.

The themes can be declined on variable-sized supports or on frescoes according to preferences, inclinations and wishes of each:

individual persons, decoration professionals, walls and floors tiles manufacturers. The studio also creates products on demand allowing this way an exclusive arrangement that fits precisely the aspirations of the beneficiary.

original wall tiles

Séries CERAMOVES (extracts)

 Interior and exterior decoration – creation of ceramic tiles and frescoes on demand