decorative ceramics
ceramic tiles and ceramic frescoes
Ceramic tiles
hand painted ceramics
keramik, Töpferwaren
piastrelle ceramiche
Ceramic Tiles Decoration
French ceramic tiles
decorazione di ceramica
hand-painted coffee cups and plates
carrelage céramique, céramique murale
céramique France
ceramic fresco
animals ceramic
ceramic decoration
faïence décorative
modes et déco
France carrelage céramique
ceramic design
ceramic exhibition
tiles tendency, Innovative ceramic
Carreaux céramique France
hand painted ceramics
decorative ceramics
affreschi di ceramica
affreschi di ceramica
Tendance déco
study and realization ceramic frescoes
بلاط السيراميك
wall ceramic frescoes
décoration céramique
luxury ceramics

A choice of innovative and often audacious themes for ceramic tiles manufacturers and decorators

innovative wall decoration for restaurants

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The inspiration at the origin of all of these tiles is very diverse and very rarely planned and deliberate. The craftsman lets his imagination wander quite freely to let arise what has to occur without any expectation. This is his way of doing even in the case of representational paintings like a representation of buildings. In this example the craftsman inspired by the vision of a street where he walked and by its particular atmosphere due to its architecture, to a particular lighting or to its life at some point, will restore the atmosphere he felt while leaving his imagination gives birth to buildings, windows, roofs which will not represent necessarily what he saw.The choice of the colours is also one of the important elements which differentiates easily his tiles from the usual creations in the ceramic painting field. These colours extend from the most delicate pastel to very lively colors such as in South-american or African paintings for instance. They are even sometimes voluntarily powerful even flashy because the subject can underlie the use of it but also because they have for end in certain cases to revitalize the walls on whhich they will appear. In the same concern of energization, some tiles can be voluntarily overloaded with details and with colours and painted even on their sides even if those are not always visible.This concern about vitality and life is at the heart of the work of the craftsman. For him nothing must be insipid and boring. Quite the opposite, every tile has to awaken the attention, make pound, stimulate the energy and the imagination. How many times, in his opinion, don’t we see any longer the tiles which ornament our bathroom walls in our flats or houses or in hotels where we pass in transit because the colours are so light and tasteless that they are close to the invisible, because their subjects whether representational or not representational were too much reproduced in the infinity with tiny variants and thus are no longer visible though we are every day next to them.For this reason, the creator offers a very wide pallet of subjects which increase daily with new themes which can in their turn come in various versions and sub-themes and give rise to a story to read  and to feel on walls.Last, according to his inspiration, the sizes chosen for the tiles vary from some very small sizes less than 10 cm aside to more important sizes that do not generally exceed 20 to 25 cm aside, the creator preferring to handle a theme on several tiles than on one or two tiles. This is also the reason which frescoes can consist of a very large number of tiles.Whether it is a question of decorating an internal wall in a housing environment or in a business premise, a shop, a brasserie, a company, or on an outside wall, a patio or a façade, the desire of the designer is clearly to contribute to generate unexpected living spaces where we feel according to the themes, emotion, pleasure, amusement and well-being or all together.

Series CERAMARANA  (extracts)

 Interior and exterior decoration – creation of ceramic tiles on demand